How to Make a Petmoji!

 How to Make a Petmoji!

Hi everyone! A lot of you have been asking me how I made a Petmoji of my Great Dane, Hiccup for my virtual classroom. If this is something you are interested in doing, just follow the step by step instructions below!

1. Create your Petmoji. 
Go to Click 'get started' to create and personalize a Petmoji to match your dog or cat. 

2. Download your Petmoji. 
When you are all done creating your Petmoji, click the button that says download. When you open the picture that has downloaded, it will look like this.
As you can see, there is still writing and a background on this picture. Before you insert your Petmoji into your virtual classroom, you will need to remove these things. If you have any kind of photoshop or photo editing program, that would be a great way to simply crop and use the erase tool to remove the background. If you do not have a photo editing program, see the next step!

3. Edit Background.
If you are reading this step, you likely do not have photo editing software. Don't worry! Head to the website to edit your picture. LunaPic is a free online photo editing program. Once you have gone to the website, you will click "upload" (button in the upper right section of the website header) to upload your Petmoji photo. From here, if you look above your photo, you will see links that say, "crop, scale, rotate, transparent". You will click transparent. 
This should remove the top of the background. (They grey and white checkered pattern will be transparent once saved.) If you scroll to the bottom of your photo, there will still be quite a bit of white on the background. Simply click on the white area and it will become transparent as well. At this point, you should only have thin outlines and some text on your picture. 

4. Eraser Tool
To finish up your picture, you are going to look to the left of the screen, next to your photo, and you should see a column of photo editing tools. Choose the eraser tool.

Hold down the eraser tool on any other parts of the background that are not a part of the white and grey checkered background. By the time you are done, it should just be your Petmoji and grey and white checkers. 

5. Apply Changes and Save
When the background is finished, click on the button above your photo that says "apply changes." Next, click the link below your photo that says save. This will save the transparent background photo to your computer. 
6. Paste Your Petmoji Into Your Virtual Classroom
Last step! Open your virtual classroom, wherever you have it saved. Click insert picture and find your saved Petmoji picture to insert. Once inserted, you will be able to change the size and location of the Petmoji in your classroom! Yay! Now you can have your pup or cat in virtual school with you!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Questions? Comments? Leave the in the comment section below!
I would love to see a picture of all your pets in your virtual classrooms! Please post a picture on Instagram and tag me: @busy.little.bees.teacher
I can't wait to see them!!

Until next time, 


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