Inclusivity and LGBTQ+ Allyship

Calling all LGBTQ+'s time to step up. What is happening? Firstly, there is the "Don't Say Gay" bill. Florida's House of Representatives passed a  bill   Thursday that would prohibit "classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity" in the state’s primary schools. The legislation — titled the Parental Rights in Education bill but dubbed by critics the " Don’t Say Gay " bill — heads to the state's Republican-held Senate, where it is expected to pass. Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican who is running for re-election and is widely considered to be a potential 2024 presidential candidate, has previously   signaled his support   for the legislation and is expected to sign it into law. Thursday’s 69-47 vote comes after weeks of national outrage over the measure, which has grabbed the attention of international newspapers, Hollywood actors and the White House. *  And that's not all. In addition to the "Don't S

Must Have Supplies for Teaching Remotely


Let's start with the most obvious. The first thing a teacher is going to need to teach from home guessed it...A COMPUTER! Now there are so many different computers out there that it can be quite overwhelming to choose one. When choosing a computer for teaching online there are a few certain things you want to look for. You want to look for one with a high speed processor. I would recommend a processing speed of i5 or higher. This will ensure that while you are multitasking and opening ALL the tabs (which we teachers are always doing) your computer will still run at a fast pace. 
Speaking of having multiple tabs open, another thing you want to look for in hen you go to purchase a new computer is RAM. The higher the RAM, the better your computer will be able to multitask. Personally, I would recommend somewhere around 8 GB.
Finally, you are going to want to make sure you have a big enough screen to see the students! It is important to have quality audio and visual, but to be perfectly honest, depending on your budget and personal needs, you can always buy external microphones and cameras to use instead.

Home Classroom Setup:

Part of turning a space in your home into a productive work environment is staying organized and having teaching essentials that will make teaching from home as easy and smooth running as possible!
Let's start with the big stuff. Filing cabinets! You are going to likely want a filing cabinets to separate lesson plans and other things much like you do at school. Luckily there are so many different ones to choose from! There are three in particular I really like. One, is a smaller one if you don't have a ton of files to store. I also like this because it is cute! This hand woven seagrass filing cabinet is functional and also pretty! Adding this to your home office provides organization and still gives your home a cozy feeling. I love products that are multi-functional. When working from home, it is important to have a designated place to work, but it's also important to feel good about your surroundings. You don't want your work space at home to feel too much like a corporate office. If you need something bigger and still a lovely addition to your home decor there are a couple more filing cabinets I would suggest. One is purely for holding files and the other is more like a bookcase with a built-in filing cabinet. Both are great! (You may want an additional file organizer for your desk also so I've linked a great one below!)

In addition to organization we know that almost all of us teachers love classroom decor! While decor is not essential, it provides you with the joy of your space being somewhere you love to be and it also gives the kids a cozy and exciting space that they can associate with you.
One thing that I think is a great idea is putting a cork board behind you to display student work or drawings you may have! It's obviously more difficult to have physical student work when you're teaching online but if you do have it, this is a great way to incorporate it into your virtual classroom!

Another fun way to spice up your at home classroom are fun backdrops! I've linked a few of my favorites below along with some other great decor to brighten up your space!


Fun Stuff:

Next are a couple items that aren't 100% necessary but definitely useful! First up is a small desktop dry erase board. The great thing about this is that it is small (10x10) so you can have it right next to you while you are giving your kids a lesson over the computer. I also really like this because it is portable and easy to store!

Next is a really useful online teaching tool! It's an overhead video stand phone mount with bluetooth remote shutter. It will hold your phone so you can recording what you are doing hands-free just like an overhead projector. This can be a great tool for recording instructions or demos for work or games. 

One thing you may want to invest in are blue light blocking glasses! Several hours a day in front of digital screens such as computers and smartphones, exposes you to harmful blue rays, causing eye strain, blurred vision, red eyes, migraines and sleep deprivation. These glasses have helped me with all of these things!! (Plus they come in 12 different colors to choose from!)

I hope you are able to buy and use some of these products and that they are helpful with this new online teacher adventure we are all a part of right now!

What are some of the essentials you are using this year? Let me know in the comments!!

Happy teaching and don't forget to subscribe at the top of the page for more teaching tips and resources!


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