How to Make a Petmoji!

  How to Make a Petmoji! Hi everyone! A lot of you have been asking me how I made a Petmoji of my Great Dane, Hiccup for my virtual classroom. If this is something you are interested in doing, just follow the step by step instructions below! 1. Create your Petmoji.  Go to . Click 'get started' to create and personalize a Petmoji to match your dog or cat.  2. Download your Petmoji.  When you are all done creating your Petmoji, click the button that says download. When you open the picture that has downloaded, it will look like this. As you can see, there is still writing and a background on this picture. Before you insert your Petmoji into your virtual classroom, you will need to remove these things. If you have any kind of photoshop or photo editing program, that would be a great way to simply crop and use the erase tool to remove the background. If you do not have a photo editing program, see the next step! 3. Edit Background. If you are reading this s

Using an Interactive Classroom for Remote Teaching

Virtual Bitmoji Classrooms

Hi everyone! Today I want to talk about remote teaching and virtual classrooms. 
In the current times of COVID so many teachers are getting prepared to teach remotely. One thing that teachers are doing is creating Bitmoji virtual classrooms! Bitmojis have been popular on snapchat and to send to your friends through text but now you can use them in your virtual classroom!

What is a virtual classroom?
Bitmoji virtual classrooms are interactive so that students and parents can navigate through lessons, activities, and more all at home. 
*Note: Virtual classrooms do NOT have to have a Bitmoji! It's simply a fun way to personalize the setting.

Why should you use an interactive virtual classroom? 
A virtual classroom is a great way to connect with students and give them a space to come together when there is no physical classroom to go to. Another great part of hosting a virtual classroom is that it gives students and parents a "homeroom" or "landing spot" to go to where they can find your resources, assignments, lessons, and more! It is a fun and engaging visual way for students to have access to you and your classroom resources.

So how do I use an interactive classroom?

What if I don't have time to create my own virtual classroom?
Don't worry, I got you!! You and I know as well as anyone that teachers are in a constant state of BUSY! Especially now, as school is not only starting up soon, but many of use are learning brand new ways of teacher remotely. It is a very stressful time for many of us. If you have seen these great virtual classrooms around social media but don't have the time to make your own, I have made one for you. My virtual classroom looks like the picture above. 

Slides included:

-How to Guide

-How to add your Bitmoji

-How to create your own button to link to page in document

-How to link pages/words/pictures to page in document

-How to link pages/words/pictures to website

-How to add links to websites

-Bitmoji Classroom

-Watch Todays Lesson(s)



-STEM Activities for Home 

-Read with Me (link videos of you reading books to your students!)

-Learning Websites for parents


-Superstar Work

-Contact Me

-How to convert PowerPoint to Google Slides

-How to use Google Slides in Google Classroom


The objects on the slides are not moveable/editable with the exception of the current Bitmoji seen on the preview can be removed/replaced and the 'buttons' can be removed/replaced as well.

For more information, visit my YouTube channel and watch this video showing how to edit and personalize this virtual classroom resource: Tutorial Editing Virtual Classroom


Email me at

CLICK HERE to preview and purchase my editable & interactive Bitmoji virtual classroom for your own use!

More Resources:
Below you can find links to STEM activities  virtual centers, and online learning websites I have listed if you need ideas for these slides! (These are mostly k-5 ideas!)

Learning Websites:

K-5: (PreK-2) (K-2) (3-5) (PreK-2) (K-5) (K-5) (PreK-5) (3-5) (Pre-K-5) (3-5) (3-5 and older) (3-5)

If you are going to keep the button and the slide for virtual centers, you can link this to specific educational websites/games that you want students to play, YouTube book reading channels, YouTube educational videos, or your own interactive virtual games. (Stay tuned for a blog post on how to make your own interactive virtual games on PowerPoint!)

What websites and/or online resources are you using either for teaching remotely or for parents at home? Let me know in the comments!! 



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