Socially Distant Classroom: A How To

Organizing Your Social Distant ClassroomSocial distancing in the classroom. There are so many things to address in regards to this topic. Today, I want to focus in on how to keep your classroom organized. During the COVID-19 pandemic, may of us are starting the year with remote teaching. However, many of us are also starting the year with in-person teaching. In any case, I am positive that eventually all of us will be going back to in-person teaching at some point, in which case we will all have to manage socially distancing in the classroom. This means staying 6 feet apart, wearing masks, cleaning frequently, washing hands, and more. Additionally, the days of shared community supplies in the classroom are long gone.So, how do you keep your students' materials organized, separated, and clean?? 🤷 Read on for tips and recommended supplies to help you with organization, cleanliness, and keeping school supplies separate for students.
Separating Student SuppliesLet's start by listi…

Must Have Supplies for Teaching Remotely

Essentials:Let's start with the most obvious. The first thing a teacher is going to need to teach from home guessed it...A COMPUTER! Now there are so many different computers out there that it can be quite overwhelming to choose one. When choosing a computer for teaching online there are a few certain things you want to look for. You want to look for one with a high speed processor. I would recommend a processing speed of i5 or higher. This will ensure that while you are multitasking and opening ALL the tabs (which we teachers are always doing) your computer will still run at a fast pace.  Speaking of having multiple tabs open, another thing you want to look for in hen you go to purchase a new computer is RAM. The higher the RAM, the better your computer will be able to multitask. Personally, I would recommend somewhere around 8 GB. Finally, you are going to want to make sure you have a big enough screen to see the students! It is important to have quality audio and visual…

Using an Interactive Classroom for Remote Teaching

Virtual Bitmoji Classrooms
Hi everyone! Today I want to talk about remote teaching and virtual classrooms.  In the current times of COVID so many teachers are getting prepared to teach remotely. One thing that teachers are doing is creating Bitmoji virtual classrooms! Bitmojis have been popular on snapchat and to send to your friends through text but now you can use them in your virtual classroom!
What is a virtual classroom? Bitmoji virtual classrooms are interactive so that students and parents can navigate through lessons, activities, and more all at home.  *Note: Virtual classrooms do NOT have to have a Bitmoji! It's simply a fun way to personalize the setting.

Why should you use an interactive virtual classroom?  A virtual classroom is a great way to connect with students and give them a space to come together when there is no physical classroom to go to. Another great part of hosting a virtual classroom is that it gives students and parents a "homeroom" or "landing …

Tips on Boosting Staff Morale

Boosting Staff Morale
Hi everyone! Today I want to talk about staff morale. Staff morale is so important and so overlooked (especially in teaching if you ask me). Raise your hand if you've ever felt under-appreciated, overworked,  or just plain burned out. ME! I HAVE! 🖐

Between teaching, planning, prepping, professional development, meetings, conferences, grading, observations, and PLC's...(I'm sure I'm forgetting something here...) it can be hard to sometimes take a moment to catch your breath. It can be so hard to feel anything except exhaustion sometimes. I know for me, it can really get me down. Something that can help energize teachers and re-motivate them is boosting staff morale. 
What does that mean? Staff morale refers to the amassment of feelings and overall outlook that employees have toward their workplace. Boosting staff morale is the act of showing appreciation in different ways in order to improve their attitude and satisfaction with their working environm…


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and start my blogging journey with me! 😊 I would love to start by telling you a little about myself: My name is Naomi Gliva. I live in Denver, Colorado 🏔 with my husband, my two toddlers, and my dog (Great Dane to be exact). 

I am a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in elementary education and an endorsement in linguistically diverse education (ELA, ESL). Education has been a passion of mine since I can remember; as a learner as well as a teacher.  I have taught in the Denver, Colorado area in different elementary schools for a little less than a decade and have been creating resources for students and staff for about three years! My main goal as a teacher is to use all different learning styles in order to meet the unique needs of each individual child all while incorporating engaging activities to keep learning fresh and fun! I also strive to incorporate lessons about inclusivity and community bu…